Portrait photo

The artist Arnulf Rainer

© Arnulf Rainer Museum/Foto Christian Wind

Arnulf Rainer, born in 1929 in Baden, has an importance to art history that is uncontested. He is the founder of Art Informel in Austria, and his ‘overpaintings’, developed in the 1950s, made his name well beyond Austria's borders, and cemented his fame among fellow international artists.

Ich male nicht, sondern ich bemale, übermale oder zermale, das heißt, ich brauche einen Auslösefaktor, etwas Existierendes, das ich bestalte.
Arnulf Rainer, 1972

His committed search for new approaches to painting and his constant development of painterly strategies, accompanied by performative works and extensive writing, has led to Arnulf Rainer becoming one of the most influential living artists of our day.